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Write to Sean directly — seanmichaelrobinson at gmail dot com.

"I hired Sean Michael Robinson to develop a graphic novel for my company.  We coach young professionals who are applying to graduate business school, and wanted a fun way to make a number of important points:


- You don't have to have a "perfect" profile to apply to business school.  MBA programs seek to accept students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

- Not everyone should focus on the 2 or 3 top-ranked schools.  It is important to find a school that fits your career goals and learning style.

- Although the process seems scary and mysterious, a lot of it is just common sense.  Schools admit people who are going to have great careers.


It was a great pleasure to work with Sean.  I came in to the process with some ideas about the images I wanted to use, and Sean helped me translate everything in a way that worked well in the comic book format.  He also contributed a number of new images and ideas that would never have occurred to me.  We went through several stages of rough pencil drawings before Sean produced the final copy with ink and watercolors on huge art boards.


Sean was obsessed with getting every little detail right: choosing the lettering for all of our text, calibrating all of the scanners carefully to reproduce the colors faithfully, and choosing the right printing company to produce the physical books.  Nearly every scene in the book was produced based on photo and video references, so the book is shockingly realistic for people who have attended the schools depicted or worked at the companies depicted.  The final product is a beautiful work of art, and highly functional as a teaching object and marketing collateral.


Sean was easy to work with and was always willing to do anything that would make the project easier from my side.  I worked with him on a follow-up project to create a custom board game, and will work with him in the future to produce more art."

— David White, Founding Partner at Menlo Coaching

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