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Q + A in San Diego Voyager


I recently participated in a question-and-answer-style interview with San Diego Voyager, which you can read here. Or take a look at a brief excerpt below.

It’s no secret that the Internet has disrupted a lot of things, and boy howdy, is it an odd world out there for independent artist and musicians! In a world where most anything can be reproduced, in some form or another, on a screen/in a box, infinitely, in a world where a century of recorded music and several centuries of paintings and drawings and printed matter are at our fingertips at any time, it can be difficult to rise above the sea—just swarming sea—of media, all around us. We’re inundated, really. But the inundation, and the increasing social distance we have from each other—really do lead to other opportunities. Several years ago, when I participated in group gallery shows more frequently, I found that much to my surprise, I could have a much more effective (i.e., lucrative, more audience-involving) show by turning it into a kind of performance. Drawing or painting live. Live timed portraits of gallery attendees. Things that bridged the distance between us. Not just making art in isolation, hanging it on the wall, and expecting someone to react. Which is, it has to be said, not that dissimilar to the distances that now present themselves with the ubiquitous usage of phones, etc. When there’s a real-life person, directly in front of you, staring into your eyes intently and scribbling frantically to capture your facial features on paper in front of you, that’s a compelling experience that’s completely different from the distanced interactions that have become the norm in our world.

Which is all to say, when the world changes, there’s always going to be some new opportunities as well.

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